GORM 6.1 Released

27 Mar 2017

Tags: Grails, GORM, Releases

Today, the Grails team at OCi, are pleased to announce the release of GORM 6.1 GA.

This release includes a number of new and exciting features that we are happy to share with you today. Notably:

  • GORM Data Services allow you to easily define interfaces or abstract classes that are automatically implemented for you at compile time.
  • Multi-Tenancy AST Transformations
  • Support for JPA annotations and Bean Validation API annotations
  • Package Scanning for easier unit testing
  • Support for Hibernate 5.2+
  • Automatic HQL escaping for GString queries
  • Support for MongoDB 3.4 and the new Decimal128 Type
  • Support for Neo4j 3.1 and the Neo4j 1.2 Bolt Java Driver
  • Massive improvements to the Neo4j support including support for relationship entities, paths and more.

There is too much goodness to go through all of it in a blog post, so I encourage you to read the release notes and check out the dedicated documentation for each implementation:

Or alternatively come see my talk about GORM 6.1 in person at Greach in Madrid!

GORM 6.1 will become the default version of GORM to be used in the upcoming Grails 3.3, in the meantime you can use GORM 6.1 in Grails 3.2 simply by changing the gormVersion setting in gradle.properties:


To celebrate the release we have prepared the first of a series of new guides to cover GORM 6.1. Amongst the many new features is huge improvements to support for Neo4j. Using the official Neo4j sample application, the new guide describes how you can build a graph application with Grails, GORM 6.1 and Neo4j! Enjoy!

Published on 27 Mar 2017