Grails 3.3 GA Released

26 Jul 2017

Tags: Grails, Releases

Just in time for Gr8Conf US, the Grails team at OCi are pleased to announce the release of Grails 3.3 GA.

Grails 3.3 includes a number of significant improvements, most notably to GORM with GORM 6.1, which we released earlier in order to gather feedback from Grails 3.2.x users.

GORM 6.1 includes some real break through innovations, including Data Services that allow you to define interfaces that are automatically implemented and work seamlessly with GORM’s Multi-Tenancy features.

Other highlights of Grails 3.3 include the new EventBus abstraction which integrates with existing reactive libraries such as RxJava. Events are also for the first time transaction aware so that consumers are only notified if the surrounding transaction is successful, which simplifies code greatly.

Overall there are an abundance of new features and improvements that developers will be able to take advantage of, from the new testing framework to improvemments to JSON Views.

All of these new features and more are covered in the What’s New guide. Thanks to the Grails community who contributed greatly to making the release a success and we look forward to your feedback!

Published on 26 Jul 2017